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Investing in UK Insurance.

  • Investing in Insurance may not seem like investing at all but it is.  Insurance safeguards you hard earned assets.

  • If you don't have Auto Insurance and Home Insurance, you are leaving yourself open to unlimited liability.

  • The first rule about investing and building wealth is to alway have a "stop loss".  Home and Auto insurance provide a stop loss to how much financial loss  you are at risk for.

  • If you live in the UK, you have great options for Insurance.


E-Car Insurance provide quick no obligation quotes online.  Ecar is the first online insurance solution to let you, the customer, take total control. Why bother with call centers and automated phone lines? With eCar's revolutionary system you can manage your whole policy online - no phone calls, no waiting. We give you instant access to make changes to your policy, whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To get a quote from E-Car insurance or Green Car Insurance: European Car Insurance Quote


The Green Insurance Company is for drivers who want to save more than just money.
Some of the benefits included as standard are:

  • 100% offset of your car's emissions

  • Up to a further 5% low emission discount if you drive a greener car and/or do lower mileage

  • Guaranteed courtesy car with comprehensive policies*

  • 24 hour accident and windscreen claims line

  • Insure with a company who is environmentally responsible

  • 5% of our profits are donated to charity – helping others

  • Special offers and discounts throughout the year

  • Legal expenses are optional


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